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What is Movie Date?

Find someone who shares your passion. Pick a movie & cinema you want to go and post a "I want to go for" date in our app. Enjoy a rom-com or sci-fi with a like minded person and experience an engaging & enchanting real world dating experience. Hectic schedules at work and do not have enough time to find someone like minded to enjoy a common taste of movies. Search from a list of our like minded members and send the invitation to join you for the same movie. You can also checkout movies of your interest whether sci-fi, horror, drama, comedy or a chick flick near to your place. You can spend quality time of getting to know the other person without scrambling to think of ways to keep a smooth flow of conversation.
Enjoy the quickest way to connect with other movie buffs around you who are like you and share your passion. There is no better dating experience. Don't take our word for it, go for it.